GONZO: “False Flag Terrorist” Billy bob Bramscher

This is Freedom and the dream of Truth, Justice and Peace… ~BbB~

Lonesome Lozer

Piece circle...

Following is a small portion of legal documents used within my malicious and vindictive prosecution:

Police Statements Rosanna Minjarez authored allegedly by Rosanna Minjarez…


Please note that all three (3 documents) were signed by Rosanna Minjarez.

Please note that there are exactly four (4) unique signatures of Rosanna Minjarez!!!

Please note the never a victim as proven in his own recorded statements, perjury under oath during testimony and of course as I was found not guilty by a jury of my peers, last name “Stipech”, does not appear correctly spelt in any of these critical and official police reports –  “Stipitich” is used as well as “Stipich” (11.29.10) and “Sitipech” (02/03/10).

Please compare the writing styles of all three:  The writing strokes; the writing characteristics; character and personality; and, zones line slope.

NOTE:  see Handwriting AnalysisThe Complete Basic Book, by Karen Kristin Amend and Mary Stansbury…

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