Governor of Colorado and the Adventures of Billy bob Bramscher

John Hickenlooper Picuture

          The Governor is responsible for upholding the Colorado Constitution and for faithfully executing all laws.

Being honest, John Hickenlooper was realistically unable to help me in my unconstitutional, malicious, vindictive, lacking probable cause and lacking jurisdiction criminal prosecution yet this never stopped me from contacting his office while I endured 13 months at the Adams County Detention Facility.

I really like John!  He is an excellent speaker and seems genuine to me.  Circa Fall of 1997 I had the opportunity through the honors program at the college I was attending to attend a conference at Regis University in Denver, CO.  John Hickenlooper, then Mayor of Denver, was the keynote speaker at “Fire Within Dangerous Minds – Leadership & Creativity Conference.”

After the conference, as John and his “handler” were leaving and about to enter his vehicle, I approached and introduced myself asking him a specific question to him that shall remain a secret for now!

I have been in contact with John’s Office many many many times in the past years and when my “Lonesome Lozer” Documentary is funded I know the correct steps to secure an in-person interview with John in re our failing justice system and be assured that John knows I am knocking on his door!

I really look forward to meeting again you John!!!

Here are responses from the Citizen’s Advocate Corps Office of the Governor:

John Hickenlooper – Colorado Governor


As I have written previously, “I am the victim of a ‘War of Attrition’ and truly thankful I was well versed on The Art of War by Sun Tzu.”

01/30/2012:  Trial started on January 30, 2012 ending on February 6, 2012 and as my own lawyer (pro se) I was found “NOT GUILTY” by a jury of my peers. At this time, I was charged with C.R.S. 18-8-615 via 18-9-111(1)(e) and the mens rea was changed to “Specific Intent” instead of “Knowingly” as incorrectly alleged for over thirteen (13) months.

In my jury trial, the Defendant’s Theory of Defense, provided to the Jury:

“It is the Defendant’s theory of defense that the prosecution of this case was based upon retaliation by the City of Westminster. The Defendant contends that he was exercising his First Amendment rights of free speech and to redress grievances he had with the City of Westminster and that this prosecution is based on bad faith investigation, legal harassment and retaliation against him Defendant for exercising his First Amendment Rights.”

I am Billy bob Bramscher and I am a victim of bullying, bad-faith investigation, vindictive prosecution, malicious prosecution, First Amendment Retaliation and Civil Rights violations by the City of Westminster, Westminster Police Department, Westminster Municipal Court, Adams County/District Court, Adams County District Attorney, Colorado Public Defender/Alternative Defense Counsel and others!!!

~Your Affectionate and Obedient Servant…

~Billy bob Bramscher



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